Columbia News

The Columbia Historic Preservation Society archives both, the actual copies, and microfilm facsimiles of every issue of Columbia News dating from 1895 until 1990.Copies of articles are available for a small fee per page.


Lancaster offers digital newspaper viewing  of  The Columbia Spy archives.



8 Responses to Columbia News

  1. sharon evans says:

    I am looking for an article in your newspaper. April 16 or so. A lady name gretna groft was missing for 11 days before they found her in the river. I am her grand daughter and just recently found out about these nespaper clippings. I am very curios and would like to read them and maybe have a copy for myself. I live in delaware. My phone # 302 994 7586 or u can email. I will be anxciously waiting for your reply. Sharon Evans

    • Hi Sharon, The museum is re-opening from a winter break on April 22nd. We’ll be open on Sundays from 1-4 PM. I am sorry to learn of your grandmother. I am not sure if you already spoke with a volunteer at the museum regarding our Columbia News archives. The telephone number is (717) 684-2894. Perhaps if you provide the month and year and other pertinent information someone can help you find the newspaper article that you hope to find. Good luck, Janette

  2. Christy Gotwols says:

    Are there any plans to have the Columbia News issues loaded into a searchable archive on the internet, like the Columbia Spy? This would be an invaluable resource for those interested in Columbia history.

  3. Ronald Eck says:

    How much per copy to print certain articles out of newspaper

  4. Ronald Eck says:

    I’m looking to get copies of newspaper for the fire at vigilant fire Columbia which I was a member and other interests how much a copy and what time are you open on Saturday and Sunday

    • We have the Columbia News dated 1895 – 1990 on microfilm. We open on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23 from 1 – 4 PM. Then every weekend all year long until January 2018.
      Remember that the Columbia News was a (6) day paper, so please narrow the dates due to search time. Thanks!

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